Make Great Money Working From Home, Supporting MOBE Customers On The Phone

From the desk of Matt Lloyd
MOBE HQ, Kuala Lumpur

Dear member,

Do you like talking to people?  Do you have a pleasant phone manner? Are you interested in helping entrepreneurs from all around the world, while getting paid good money for your time?

I'm looking for Customer Support people to work from home, supporting MOBE members and keeping them happy, while getting regular cash-flow and even commissions on sales.

Wanted: Customer Phone Support Superstars!

If you want to work from the comfort of your own home, for a growing company alongside the best and brightest in the Internet Marketing industry from around the world, then you'll want to read this entire page carefully.

MOBE is growing - and we need your help!

Due to our expanding customer base and the ever-increasing volume of incoming and outgoing calls, we are looking for remote Customer Support staff to ensure our customers are kept happy.

There are a number of reasons why this could be a great position for you:

  • If you’re a MOBE affiliate, you can get paid to build your MOBE business! This is a truly unique opportunity - you will be able to build your online income while working in your hourly role.
  • Earn an income without leaving home. All tasks required for this role can be performed 'remotely'...this means you can work from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.
  • Get to know some of the most successful entrepreneurs going around. MOBE attracts some of the wealthiest and most successful online marketers on the planet - and you will spend much of your time speaking to them, emailing them, chatting over Skype, it's like a never-ending networking event.
  • Work directly with me. I have built MOBE into one of the world's biggest Internet marketing companies in just a few short years - so this could be a good way to get the inside scoop on some of the secrets I've used to accomplish this. We'll be in touch via Skype on a daily basis.

What's So Good About Working From Home As A Customer Phone Support Superstar?

Working in a 'remote' role can be a life-changing experience for many people. Until recently it was impractical and often impossible, nowadays most tasks can be done remotely. Companies like MOBE enjoy lower costs, and people are more productive when they enjoy going to work.

Here's What This Role Will Look Like:

MOBE is a fast-moving, action packed, busy company where everybody works hard and knows their role. So if you're tired of sitting around with nothing to do - you'll never be bored working with us.

Your tasks will include:

  • Taking inbound phone calls and answering general customer support enquiries
  • Handling registrations for event attendees via phone or online
  • Outbound customer support calls - admin calls and some sales
  • General customer care and assisting with issues and questions

This is mainly a telephone-based role, where you'll be dealing with our growing base of members. If you like dealing with positive, open-minded, action-biased entrepreneurs, you'll love this role.

And there's one particular task that may become your favorite of all...

The 'Inspiration' Calls!

This is where you call up a MOBE member and advise them of a huge commission they've made. If you've ever received such a call after making a commission with us - you'll know just how exciting and empowering it is to have someone call you with this kind of news.

These calls are easy and fun to make - it's one of the most rewarding aspects of the role.

This Position Will Be Perfect For YOU If:

  • You are confident and comfortable speaking to people on the phone - You'll be representing myself and MOBE and you need to portray a professional image in all your dealings - but you're allowed to have a bit of fun while you're doing it .
  • You have some sales experience - you don't need to be a sales superstar but you will need some experience, whether it's direct sales, telemarketing, etc.
  • You are self-organized and able to manage tasks and priorities - MOBE is a busy place and I have a long list of important tasks waiting for you.
  • You are reliable and punctual - Even though you won't be commuting to an office every day, you'll still have set hours to work and I need you to be reliable.
  • You are bright, positive, happy, open-minded and cheerful - Nobody will enjoy calling the MOBE office if the person answering the phone sounds like they're having a bad day...every day.
  • You are hard-working and goal-oriented - I'll have certain goals for you to achieve and plenty of work for you to do.
  • You would enjoy working from home! - If you have a young family, or if you are sick of the daily trek through rush-hour traffic to an office you don't want to be in - this may be the biggest reason to apply for the Customer Support role.

"What Kind Of Equipment Do I Need To Be A MOBE Customer Phone Support Superstar?"

The only equipment you will need is something you probably already have - a computer, the internet, and a Skype account. You could also use your home phone, or your cell/mobile phone. The only other thing you'll need is a nice quiet place to work!

How Much Does This Role Pay?

MOBE looks after staff very well financially and you will be paid a set rate per hour for the time you work. So you will start getting cash-flow right away.

But what's even better - you will be eligible to receive commissions on the sales you make on your calls. This isn't telemarketing - any outgoing calls you make will be to MOBE members, so they'll be expecting calls and should welcome you with open arms.

So in addition to your hourly rate you'll be collecting bonuses on sales you make to members. And with all the events we run and the products we have in the marketplace - you could easily double your income simply by recommending a few relevant resources that solve the problem a member is having.

"Sounds Great Matt - How Do I Apply?"

The application process is quite simple - and challenges you to convince me of your Customer Support abilities.

Simply record a very brief video, 3 to 5 minutes at the most, and describe your qualifications, how you're going to work remotely, how much you've made in MOBE, and your sales experience. Then upload it to YouTube, set the privacy to 'public' or 'unlisted', and copy and paste the YouTube URL in the form on the right, along with the rest of your application.

I personally watch all videos so please get yours in to me as soon as possible - I would like someone to start as soon as possible.

Thank you for your application, I look forward to speaking with you soon,


Matt Lloyd