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How To Make Millions Selling Other People’s Work

From the desk of Matt Lloyd:

Dear Home Business Entrepreneur:

Most people know that I made my first million dollars online by the age of 25.

What most people don’t know is that most of that money came from ONE thing.

Licensing is the “hidden” secret to making millions online.

It’s a concept applied by every single entrepreneur I know that has made 7-figures or more.

But most people have no idea what licensing is… or if they do, they don’t know HOW to go about it doing it.

Until now.

You see, I’ve developed something called…

The MOBE Licensing Kit

The MOBE Licensing Kit is an in-depth, but “easy to consume” training course that will leave you with the knowledge and expertise in licensing other people’s products so you can make money without creating anything yourself.

With The MOBE Licensing Kit, you will...

Learn Everything You Need To Know
To Make Millions Selling Other People’s Work
In 7 Days Or Less

You will learn how to leverage a multi-billion dollar industry and sell other people’s products (that are already making money) without having to put in the time, work, or expense of creating anything yourself.

Did you know that…

Licensing Is A $5.4 Billion Per Year Industry

According to a survey conducted by Yale researchers and released in June, 2013 by the International Licensing Industry Merchandiser’s Association (LIMA)…

Trademark owners (such as entertainment studios, sports leagues, fashion houses, corporate brand owners and others) generated $5.454 billion in royalties in 2012, a gain of 2.5% over 2011, for an estimated retail value of $112.1 billion.

And that’s just the U.S. and Canada!

On top of that, it’s projected that licensing revenue will continue to increase in 2013 and beyond.

Just think about it…

You use licensed products every day whether you realize it or not.

Clothing… TV shows… films… music… corporate brands… all of these things are licensed.

Even online and computer juggernauts like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft license their “intellectual property.”

Smart phone apps are licensed, and every user of Microsoft Office is a “licensee” of that specific piece of software.

Are you starting to see the potential here?

Now, while I’m not suggesting that you start licensing apparel or software, what I am trying to do is show you just how powerful licensing is as a concept.

And it works perfectly with products in the home business niche.

As you know, one of the biggest problems for entrepreneurs is creating a product that SELLS.

Only a small percentage of the 1000s of products that have been created over the years have ever made a significant amount of money in this industry.


Licensing Allows You To “Hand Pick”
The Best-Selling Products On The Market

With licensing, everything that is normally hard about selling products online is literally Done For You.

  • the exhausting product creation process
  • creating lengthy “how to” guides
  • building online training areas
  • shooting tutorial videos
  • product design and marketing
  • generating testimonials
  • testing and tweaking the offer to increase sales
  • building brand awareness

But when you license an existing product…

It’s All Done For You

All you have to do is come in AFTER all the hard work has been done and decide which profitable product to license.

It’s like winning an award for Best Movie Of The Year without ever actually working on the movie. With licensing you get to go up on stage with the Director and bask in the praise (make the money) but you don’t have to do any of the work that led up to it.


Waking Up To Money Every Morning

Imagine waking up, logging onto your computer, and seeing money coming into your bank account every morning.

Imagine what this extra income would do for you…

… the freedom it would provide

… the safety and security it would bring to your family

… the vacations you could go on

… the lifestyle you could lead (cars, boats, beach houses)

This is the type of income that I enjoy, and it allows me to travel the world and live life on my own terms.

I get to be my own boss and I don’t have to fight traffic everyday to go to a job I hate and take orders from a middle-manager that is half as smart as I am.

This is the freedom that I want you to have – and licensing is the KEY to this achieving this freedom.

Now, even though I enjoy a “freedom lifestyle” today it wasn’t always this good for me.

In fact, when I started out I struggled.

I worked 10 to 12 hours a day and had very little to show for it.

I worked my “fingers to the bone” on every part of my online business, but by far the HARDEST thing for me to do was create new products.

Let me share a story with you…

Waiting On A Midnight Train:
The Long Road To Online Success

It’s been a couple of years, but I remember creating my first information products like it was yesterday.

At the time, I had started making a few commissions as an affiliate but I was VERY far from where I am today.

I was living at my parent’s house and had to take buses and trains every day to get to a tiny office (that I could barely afford) on the other side of the city (Perth).

Even though I could barely afford it, going to the office got me into “work mode” and I got a lot more accomplished.

So, every day I would get up early and catch a bus to the train station. Then I would wait for the train, go into the office, work late, and head back to the train station… where I would wait for the midnight train to take me home.

During the day I would slave away at the office, creating content for new products like “My Email Marketing Empire” and “Affiliate Bonus Domination.”

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights I would teach the module I created that day on a 2-hour webinar for anyone on my list that showed up.

It was a grueling schedule and took a toll on me physically and emotionally.

I remember waiting for the midnight train, with a 1 hour ride ahead of me, knowing I had to get up early in the morning and do it all over again, and thinking to myself…

“Is this worth it?”

Well… in the end, it was.

But what I realized is that most people don’t want to go through what I did.

They don’t want to deal with that uncertainty.

They don’t want to spend countless hours creating a product that never sells.

What I realized is that I could give people an easy path to making money online… by licensing them my proven products.

That was a huge turning point for me, and it’s what led me from waiting on trains and making $700 per month to traveling the world and making over $2 million per month… all in a few short years.

And with The MOBE Licensing Kit, you can learn how to use licensing to leverage other people’s hard work (like mine) and make a significant, extra income from home in your spare time.

The MOBE Licensing Kit:
Learn Everything You Need To Know To
License Other People’s Products In Just 7 Days

With The MOBE Licensing Kit, you will learn:

  • Why licensing is one of the biggest opportunities of the 21st century and how you can leverage this opportunity to create a substantialincome for yourself.
  • How to make money selling other people’s products WITHOUT writing “how to” guides… WITHOUT creating training videos… WITHOUT testing & tweaking… WITHOUT designing products… WITHOUT getting testimonials… and WITHOUT building a brand.
  • How to “step in” after all the hard work is done and hand-pick the best-selling products in the market today.
  • How to identify top-performing products and avoid the “losers.”
  • How to approach info-product creators and make them an offer.
  • How to negotiate a licensing deal that benefits YOU (most people pay 5 times more than they should… you’ll learn how to tip the scales in your favor).

PLUS… you’ll learn how to license MY products for a fraction of what other companies would charge you (more on this in a minute).

So right now, you’re probably thinking…

“This sounds great, Matt. But who else (other than you) has made money with licensing?”

Good question.

There are several well-known entrepreneurs like Bob Serling and Rand Brenner that have made millions of dollars with licensing.

But I want to show you some regular people who have made money licensing my products.

Here’s Carolina Millan – a young lady from Chile who has earned over $226,793.06 as one of my licensees (shown below in an older photo with her BIG check for $72,539)! Income Disclaimer

Carolina Millan

And Andrea Goodsaid –who has earned over $107,240.71 (pictured below).  Income Disclaimer

Andrea Goodsaid


And Terry Lamb, who has made over $250,231.36 as one of my Licensees.  Income Disclaimer

Terry Lamb


And here’s my most successful Licensee, John Chow, who has made over $1.1 Million in less than 2 years!  Income Disclaimer

John Chow

Note:  I want to point out that these results are NOT typical, but they are POSSIBLE. These licensees all put in the time and effort needed to promote my products, but everything else on the “product side” (including fulfillment) was done for them.

All of these Licensees also saw the value in promoting a PROVEN product that was already selling on a massive scale worldwide.

They saw an opportunity to make a TON of money WITHOUT putting in the time, work, or expense of creating their own products.

They recognized this opportunity… and they grabbed it.

Which is what I want you to do today, by signing up for The MOBE Licensing Kit

Here’s What You Get With
The MOBE Licensing Kit

The MOBE Licensing Kit is an in-depth, but “easy to consume” training course that you can go through in 7 days (or less) in your spare time.

Here’s what you will receive:

#1  Licensing 101: The Ultimate “How To” Guide To Licensing Millions ($197 value)

In Module 1 of The MOBE Licensing Kit, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of licensing and how it applies to information products today. You will learn the terms, definitions, and basic concepts that will provide you with a solid foundation for licensing your way to millions.

#2  Principles of Licensing Mastery “Video Vault”  ($197 value)

In the “Principles of Licensing Mastery” module, you will learn the principles of licensing through a series of short, easy-to-understand video lessons that will walk you through subjects like:  Finding Proven Offers, Approaching Product Creators, and Negotiating Winning Deals.

#3  Licensing In the 21st Century  ($197 value)

In the third and final module of The MOBE Licensing Kit, you will learn about the history of licensing and more importantly – where licensing is headed in the 21st century. You will gain an understanding of the basic legal principles involved in simple, plain English (that anyone can understand). You will also learn how to “think outside the box” with various licensing opportunities and set yourself up with multiple streams of income.

PLUS…  you’ll get lifetime access to:

#4  The MOBE Licensing Kit Resource Library ($497 value)

In your exclusive online member’s area, you’ll get lifetimeaccess to all the documents, forms, and contracts you’ll ever need. You’ll also get special bonus training, including articles, case studies, and guest expert training. We’re constantly updating the resource library, so your lifetime access will be a valuable asset for years to come.

Now, don’t be intimidated by what you see here.

There is a lot of valuable content, but it’s all designed for you to go through in about 5 hours. (We figured that most people had at least 5 hours of spare time per week).

Everything in the training is easy-to-understand – even the “legal stuff” – and anyone can get this no matter what their background or education level.



License Rights To IM Revolution

IM RevolutionWhen you sign up for The MOBE Licensing Kit today, you will also get license rights to my best-selling IM Revolution Handbook.

IM Revolution reveals the “nuts and bolts” of my multi-million dollar business model – how it works, how it converts leads into sales, and how my partners get paid. It contains many of the most closely-guarded secrets of the online “elite.”

With The MOBE Licensing Kit, you will be able to sell IM Revolution for $10 each and keep 90% of the sale (10% covers my costs for fulfillment).

To date, I’ve sold about 7,000 copies of IM Revolution and it’s currently one of the hottest ebooks in the home business niche today.

IM Revolution converts incredibly well and every buyer is a quality lead that will likely buy other products from you again and again.

I’ve had buyers of this $10 ebook who have gone on to spend tens of thousands of dollars with my company. In fact, one IM Revolution buyer ended up joining my elite Apprentice Program and has spent over $80,000 with my company (and it all started with a $10 ebook sale!)

Now, licensing a best-selling ebook like this would normally cost you $5,000 (or more)… but I’m willing to GIVE you license rights to it at a significant discount to get you started with a “winner” for your first licensed product.

So, at this point, you’re probably thinking…

“Ok. But What Does It Cost?”

This is something I put a lot of thought into.

Like I said earlier, licensing is the key concept that took me from making $700/mo to $2 million per month in a few short years.

And with The MOBE Licensing Kit, I’m literally handing you everything you need to know about how to license products (that are already selling) and leverage other people’s work to make a substantial, recurring income.

The very real world value of this course is $1,088 if all of the modules were sold separately, and I could easily charge you $5,000 on top of that to license IM Revolution.

But I want to get this in your hands so you can learn how to license more of my products, and help me grow my business to $50 million and beyond.

$297So for that reason, I’m not going to charge you $6,088.

Or half of that… $3,044.

Or even $997.

You can get The MOBE Licensing Kit for only $297.

$297 today gets you INSTANT ACCESS to the entire The MOBE Licensing Kit.

Remember when I told you I wanted you to get started with a “winning” product?

Well, IM Revolution is a PROVEN winner and I could easily charge you $5,000 for the license rights to sell it. But you get that for free when you sign up for The MOBE Licensing Kit

Now, in addition to the rights, you will have access to everything below:

  • done for you landing pages
  • done for you sales videos
  • done for you marketing funnels
  • done for you “email follow up” to prospects
  • order pages & merchant processing
  • product fulfillment
  • customer service
  • state-of-the-art tracking
  • an easy-to-use affiliate back office

Just send traffic to IM Revolution and I take care of EVERYTHING else.

Note: Keep in mind, regular “licenses” do NOT get you these done-for-you services.

If you licensed a successful product like IM Revolution from another company… 1) it would cost you more… 2) you would NOT get any of these done-for-you services.

Why The MOBE Licensing Kit
Actually Costs You Nothing

First off, compared with the months (maybe years) and $100s (if not $1000s) it would cost you to create your own products… $297 is a steal.

Mobe License RightsBut it gets even better…

For a limited time, I will allow you to use your enrollment fee as a voucher that can be applied to my MOBE License Rights Program, or MOBE for short.

Earlier, you read about John Chow, Terry Lamb, and other Licensees that all have made $10s of $1,000s to $100s of $1,000s of dollars with my products.

Well, they did that by first partnering with me in MOBE.

When you sign up for The MOBE Licensing Kit, you can apply your $297 towards MOBE, which normally costs $1,997.

Now, in order for you to understand why this is so valuable, you need to know that licensing a successful, proven product line like MOBE would normally cost $20,000 (or more) at minimum… but with your voucher it will only cost you $1,700.

On top of that, when you use your voucher, you are essentially getting your entire enrollment fee paid back to you in full… which means that everything you get with The MOBE Licensing Kit ends up costing younothing.

Also, while there are other good products out there to license…

MOBE Is The Best Product To License
In The Home Business Niche Today


For one, it’s the fastest growing program in the home business niche in the entire world.

To date, I have paid out over $5.2 million in commissions to my Licensees… and most of that has happened in just the last 12 months.

Second, you have an opportunity to license a world-class product at 1/10th of what most companies would normally charge you.

And third, you’ll get MUCH more than you would with any other regular “license.”

When you join MOBE, you get:

1.  Lifetime License Rights To My Best-Selling Products ($20,000 value)

Most partnership licenses are temporary and can be revoked at any time. Even a franchisee operating a McDonald’s has to repay every single year to have their license reinstated. Even if in 2035 my entire business model has changed, you can still keep collecting cash at my expense on my Entire Front-End Product Catalog

2.  90% Commissions on Front-End Sales & Up To 1,250 On Backend Sales

You drive traffic to my landing pages and for each front-end sale sold to your leads, you will get 90% commissions. We have tested and tweaked every aspect of the marketing for these front-end products and they convert like crazy. If you bring in leads, they’re practically guaranteed to sell. YouALSO get paidup to $1,250 for each back-end sale made to your leads. My online funnels and phone sales team make sales FOR YOU and you get paid between $1,250 and $1,625 for each sale!

3.  Instant Access To 4 Best-Selling Products ($1,118 value)

You will get 4 of my most popular products for your own personal use (these are the same products you’ll be getting 90% commissions on). You will get:

My Email Marketing Empire ($297 value)

My Email Marketing EmpireThis program reveals how to turn a mailing list into a non-stop ATM through a series of step-by-step online training DVDs of the most effective email marketing strategies in use today. The training includes ninja techniques for doubling (or tripling) your open rates and click through rates, and (most importantly) how to generate consistent income and BIG paydays from your list.

How To Build A Funded Proposal ($297 value)

Thifunded-proposals system shows network marketers how to profit while they build a list of prospects for their downline – instead of losing money up front. You’ll learn the “hidden” secrets of 6 and 7-figure network marketers that 97% of the industry has absolutely no clue about.

Affiliate Bonus Domination ($297 value)

Affiliate Bonus DominationThis program teaches a radical new way to dominate product launches, win $1000s in prize money, and collect BIG commission checks WITHOUT having a big list or any products of your own. You’ll learn the breakthrough techniques I invented when I was a “small fish” just getting started to beat some of the biggestgurus at their own game and achieve Top 10 Status multiple times in major product launches.  Note:  This works even if you have NO list and are a brand new affiliate.

The O.P.T. Formula ($297 value)

Using strategies made popular by the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, this comprehensive video training will show you how to leverage “other people’s time” to make YOU more money. Outsourcing your monotonous tasks for pennies on the dollar will make you “time rich” – so you can make more money faster and have the time to enjoy it.

4.  Three 30-Minute Strategy Sessions

You are NOT alone. You will get THREE 30-Minute Strategy Sessions with one of my MOBE consultants to jump-start your progress. These consultants are ALL online marketing experts and can answer all your questions about MOBE and how to get commissions within the first few weeks of joining. PLUS, they’ll show you several pain-free methods of driving traffic that anyone can do regardless of their current financial situation or experience level.

5.  Pre-Built Online Infrastructure

When you join MOBE, you get an entire “business in a box” – websites, landing pages, follow up systems, tracking, ad placement, hosting, etc. I’ve already built everything FOR YOU so you’ll never have to write a line of code or worry about building a website.

6.  “Done For You” Fulfillment

With MOBE, everything on the fulfillment side is Done For You – merchant processing, customer service, returns, call centers, etc. You can leverage my top-notch fulfillment department and have them do everything for you… you’ll never ship a product or deal with a customer question again!

Now, MOBE is my flagship program, and it is trulyunique in the home business niche. As such, I expect it to grow exponentially beyond the MILLIONS it has already brought in to date.

So, what I’m giving you here is truly an irresistible offer.

There’s just one catch…

Warning: Your Voucher Will Expire In 7 Days

With everything you get in The MOBE Licensing Kit, I simply can’t let you use your enrollment fee as a voucher forever.

It’s not fair to the rest of the MOBE Licensees who see the potential with MOBE and jump on it right away.

For that reason, you only have 7 days to use your fee as a voucher.

7 days is more than enough time to go through everything in The MOBE Licensing Kit and decide whether or not MOBE is right for you.

Now, even though you only have 7 days to use your $297 as a voucher, you still get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with The MOBE Licensing Kit.

30 Day “No Questions Asked”
Money Back Guarantee


To make this a complete “no brainer” I will back up The MOBE Licensing Kit with a 30 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

If you don’t like The MOBE Licensing Kit for any reason, or decide it’s not for you, simply email or call my office and I will issue you a full refund for your entire enrollment fee.

No questions.

No hassle.


Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

To sign up for The MOBE Licensing Kit, click on the Add to Cart button below now.

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After you fill out your information, you will get instantaccess to The MOBE Licensing Kit member’s area and you will be able to start going through the training immediately.

To Your Success,




Matt Lloyd

P.S.  With the value of everything included in The MOBE Licensing Kit, I may not be able to “give” it away like this forever and continuing offering it as a voucher. I may raise the price of The MOBE Licensing Kit tomorrow, or stop offering it altogether.

Take advantage of this now, while you still can.

 P.P.S. Remember, you will get instant access to The MOBE Licensing Kit training course, which will teach you everything you need to know to make millions selling other people’s work in 7 days or less. You will learn how to license products (that are already selling) and make TONS of money promoting them… all without putting in the time, effort, or expense of creating the products yourself. You will also get license rights to sell IM Revolution – one of the best-selling ebooks in the home business niche today.

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